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On July 16, I had the honor of preaching from Psalm 22. One of the application points was to share your story of how God met you during a season of brokenness. Below is the first story in a weekly series. We hope you find encouragement in your own journey and have the courage to share your story with others. You can share your story here

You thought you knew your story's happy ending. Describe what you were seeking and why.

My story as a young adult is of course to pursue a better education for me to pursue a better job for me to have. My plan was to move from Tampa to Orlando, knock off two years in UCF with a B.A. of Radio-Television - Production Track, and then move to NYC to finish my Masters in Columbia University in the same field. I wanted this because I love to make video and edit videos and I would do anything for me to step into a field that has a camera with it.

Trials and troubles shake the blinders off and we see where we are really going. Describe the circumstances, events, sin, etc. which undermined your assumptions.

Moving to Orlando was not ideal. My move was first in Kissimmee (practically Poinciana) living with family who drove me insane. I made a transfer to work at a pizza shop that was under the same franchise as the one I worked in Tampa. My commute was very hectic for me. Driving from Pleasant Hill, to West Colonial, to UCF in that mixed order, plus driving to CrossPointe on Sunday's. My job was not giving me the hours that I expected, and the pay was nothing from the get go when I first worked there, however it was worse considering my commute. This job was the worst experience working in my life (I never enjoyed working at the pizza shop but this one in particular made everything worse for me). I really started to question myself and evaluate my life saying, "Why in the world did I move to Orlando if all I'm going to be doing is struggling and hating life?! I want to move back home!" This whole time I'm truly doubting God as to why He is allowing all of this to happen in my life. I thought that if I was to pursue strongly on something I wanted, everything would be good.

The redemption of our suffering is knowing Jesus on the other side. Describe how you experienced God and how he connected your story to the gospel.

As I went into UCF, I made the decision to join a campus ministry as I desperately needed it. I found the Navigators and went to join a guys bible study on Monday nights. Through this time we are studying Colossians and I am studying Job and Galatians for my own personal time. Reading and studying these 3 books allowed to me to realize how selfish I am. All I asked for was more, more and more! God showed me that I have never thanked him for all the He has given but complained about all the struggles I see in front of my face. I'm listening to Andy Mineo, and one of his songs he says, "I used to pray for more blessing--now I thank Him for the ones He's given." This brought so much conviction and truth to my life. I've come to realize that I am never thankful for everything He has given me and everything He has done for me, including the cross. As we're transitioning to Thanksgiving, I allowed myself to pray with God and thank Him for my sufferings. I thanked Him for my trials because I know through it all it is a testing of my faith. I thanked Him for the sufferings in my life so that I can share this story and the testimony behind it all. I simply told Him, "God, I give you my life! You are in control." From then, everything, though slowly but surly, has flipped. By Christmas time I was offered a position to work with CBS radio, I move out of Kissimmee to Orlando by UCF and a month later I was offered a temporary position to work Part-Time as the Student Ministries Coordinator for CrossPointe, which allowed me quit the pizza shop, forever. From the beginning I never realized why I was in Orlando, I thought I was going to be moving to New York after UCF. This is no longer the case; through the year of being the Student Ministries Coordinator, I realized that God has called me to full time student ministry, and how much I really love student ministry and the students I connect with. God called me to these students for a really long time, or whenever God calls somewhere else, which means staying in Orlando and not moving nowhere, not Tampa, not New York, just Orlando. Working in CBS radio made me realize that I no longer need to even study Radio-Television because I was able to move my way up to being on air without having a BA, making me change my major to Human Communications. But my season is almost to an end. My pursuit for student ministry has enlarged much more and God has opened a bigger platform for me. I will be working part-time to transition full-time missionary staff with Cru - High School! This means I can no longer work for CBS radio, and I am fine with that. So how does Jesus meet me on the other side? If you have not seen it yet; it is because of Jesus where I was able to find hope; it is because of Jesus where I was able to find peace; it was because of Jesus where I was able to find joy; it is because of Jesus where I was able to find provision; it is because of Jesus where I was able to find love. It was because of Jesus because this all has come from and through Jesus. Where He has placed me today, how can I NOT recognize Him through my suffering?


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