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You thought you knew your story's happy ending. Describe what you were seeking and why.

I've always sought to serve in the Lord's work. Even in the churches I've attended, domestic or abroad, I've wanted to serve.

Trials and troubles shake the blinders off and we see where we are really going. Describe the circumstances, events, sin, etc. which undermined your assumptions.

In November 2002, I was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of oral cancer. In January 2003 I underwent surgery with two more surgeries soon after for brain fluid leaks. Radiation treatments followed but then I was cancer free for fourteen years. 

Recently I experienced two events that landed me in the hospital where doctors found a mass on my right temporal lobe between the brain and the skull. Now, I am faced with physical limitation and an upcoming surgery on Aug. 7th. Though I have these physical limitations my desire to serve has not changed, and opportunities to be a light to others is what I look for as I have waited for the surgery date this last few months.

The redemption of our suffering is knowing Jesus on the other side. Describe how you experienced God and how he connected your story to the gospel.

In the time I've been waiting and preparing for surgery I've been able to tell medical personnel about my walk with Christ and my journey doing His work in missions. Last week I had a chance to meet a Latin-American missionary and theologian in a restaurant at lunch time. We sat at the same large table with them and their family. It was not a planned meeting, but one I'm sure the Lord orchestrated. We swapped mission and life stories and before we parted they prayed over me as I stood there in the restaurant, and it wasn't a short prayer. I love being apart of his work in others lives.


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