When the World Stood Still


March 17,2020 

Just 30 days ago many of us would have talked about the busyness of life – the lack of margin and feeling overwhelmed. Time seemed to constrict our spirit and entangle our feet while racing ahead of us and demanding we catch up. Out of breath and tripping over our own feet we struggled forward

Today is different. The entertainment parks are closed, there’s no NBA season, and no March Madness to fill in the margins of our life. Work is remote and restaurants are mostly closed. Even church is being held online. The world as we knew it, just 30 days ago, has changed. 

This provides us with both an opportunity and a danger. The dangers are a bit more obvious. Fear and anxiety may grip the heart of some while others throw themselves into the news and crave control in a situation that feels chaotic. Others may drown their feelings or boredom by binging on Netflix, gaming, or social media. The danger is that we fill this time with new distractions. 

We also have a unique opportunity. What if COVID-19 has opened a door to deeper intimacy with God and each other? Although the popular hashtag is #socialdistancing what if there is a different and better opportunity for #intimacywithGod? What if the silence, the space, and the time allow us a unique opportunity we didn’t have just 30 days ago – an opportunity to deepen our relationship with God. 

In this moment we stand at a crossroad. The world as we knew it has changed. One path will lead you back to where we’ve been – hurried, overwhelmed, and distracted. The other path leads to something new – rested, peaceful, and depth. Which path would you choose? Which path will you choose? This is the question that faces each us right now.