2 Corinthians 7:2-16

May 10, 2020

Title: Hope For Relational Reconciliation

1 – Relational Conflict
  • “Make room in your hearts…” (7:2)
  • Paul experienced “conflict in every direction…,” “battles on the outside….,” and “fear on the inside…” (7:5)
2 – Relational Hope
  • “BUT GOD, encourages those who are discouraged” (7:6-7)
  • The way that God Paul Paul comfort was through his relationships
3 – Relational Confrontation
  • Motivated by the hope of reconciliation, Paul addresses the wrongs in the relationship through a letter (7:8-9)
4 – Godly Repentatnce
  • Paul distinquishes between godly sorrow and worldy sorrow (7:10-11)
5 – Relational Comfort
  • Paul experiences comfort when the relationship is reconciled.
  • We reflect what we behold
    • BEHOLD
      • Broken Relationship – between God and us
      • Relational Confrontation – God exposes our sin through the Law
      • God draws near in the person and work of Jesus Christ and calls us to repent and believe (godly sorrow vs worldly sorrow)
      • Result – Restored Relationship
      • Broken Relationship – with whom are you currently experiencing relational conflict?
      • How will you move toward them with love and the hope of reconciliation by addressing what is wrong?
        • How and when will you communicate with them?
      • Pray for your heart and their heart to respond with godly sorrow.
      • Trust God with the result knowing that we cannot control the other person’s attitude or reaction.