The Kingdom God


Jesus’ first words in ministry were, “repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Throughout his ministry, Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God but this is a concept I did not hear as I grew up in the church. We didn’t even talk about it in Bible College. Meanwhile, Jesus describes the Kingdom of God and illustrates the Kingdom of God and helps his hearers understand what the Kingdom of God is like but much of the church is silent on this topic.

This disparity has always bothered me and has led me to want to learn more but it wasn’t until all this extra time in quarantine that I am taking the time to read and study the topic more deeply. One such resource I am reading is, ‘The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross’ by Patrick Schreiner. This is part of Crossway Publishers ‘Short Studies in Biblical Theology’ series.

I am talking through this material on Wednesday nights during our Zoom Family Devo & Prayer but I also want to make this material available for others through this blog. My plan is to post 2 short blogs each week with the material for those who are interested.

The sad truth is that the topic of the Kingdom of God is often reduced to just a small part of its whole. For instance, Patrick Schreiner points out:

  • Some have said the Kingdom of God is merely the place you go when you die. It is in the future only.
  • Others have understood the kingdom to only be synonymous with the church.
  • Still, others would reduce the kingdom to ethics – good deeds and social action.
  • Evangelicals are prone to focus on God’s power, rule, and sovereignty.
  • In more popular evangelical circles the kingdom becomes a euphemism for the rule of God in one’s heart.

None of these reductionistic and abstract ideas speak to the weighty and concrete nature of the Kingdom that Jesus came to restore. If you are interested, follow this blog as we study the Kingdom of God together.