The Origin & Nature of Sin


June 6, 2021

Genesis 3:1-7, Jeremiah 2:13


  • Does God want us to be happy? Joyful?
  • Joy is peace in our spirit through abiding in God’s character and nature.
  • We lack joy because sin cuts us off from abiding in the living waters of Jesus and leads us to trust in dry wells (Jeremiah 2:13).


WHAT IS TRUE? What is the basis of knowledge?
  • The Lie – “Did God really say…” God can’t be taken at his literal word. “God knows when you eat …” God is withholding something good from you.
  • In the Grip – The fruit looked good, it was a delight to the eyes and desirable. The heart of man was turned from God and toward a false pleasure
  • Application | How are the patterns of this lie taking root in your heart? Do you trust God to tell you what is true?


WHAT IS RIGHT? What is the basis of moral standards?
  • The Lie – “You will be like God…” You will be able to determine good from bad on your own, without God
  • In the Grip – Adam and Eve believed the lie and ate of the fruit. What was forbidden was declared good, beautiful, and desirable.
    • Adam and Eve desired inde
  • Application | Who or what determines what is right and wrong in your life?


WHO AM I? What is the basis of our identity?
  • The Lie – “you will be like God…
  • In the Grip – Eve desired the fruit because it would make her independent from God. In reality, humanity became a slave to sin (Romans 6:20). True freedom is found only in Jesus.
  • Application | The question is not merely ‘Who am I” but “Whose am I?”


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