Redeemed for the Eternal
AD Daisley

February 27, 2022

1 John 2:12-17

Central Idea:

God’s intent in redeeming us is for us to take part in things eternal; that we would not just have the hope of unbroken time with Him in the future, but that we would experience the first fruits of that experience here and now. 

John’s position in this epistle is that those who truly know the Father have this experience, and their lives bear witness to it. Their lives go beyond mere professions of faith, but that their lives bear fruit consistent with this reality. Therefore John strongly emphasis the correlation between what a person claims and how they live. In no uncertain terms, John is saying if words and deeds don’t match, they do not know the Father. True believers, though not without sin, will bear fruit consistent with their profession of faith.


As we approach scripture, “Be careful how you hear” (Luke 8:18). As we listen to God’s word, we can leave assuming that the power to change lies within our intent to “do more,” or our plans to act differently. Instead, may God create a heart that 1) recognizes a lack within , 2) a heart that desires change, 3) recognizes one’s own inadequacy to change, and 4) is drawn to God to bring about that change.


  1. Those who walk intimately with God experience and understand forgiveness.
    1. Though we are the beneficiaries of it, forgiveness doesn’t center on us.
    2. Forgiveness is centered on what God declares about Himself by granting it to the undeserving.
  2. Those who walk intimately with God know Him and radiate His light.
  3. Those who walk intimately with God experience victory in the grit of practical everyday living.
    1. Victorious living is characterized by more that “doing” the right things; it is characterized by Godly desire, from which right actions flow. 

God makes Himself knowable to all regardless of their life stage.

The world’s temporary provisions:

  1. What feels good to the body.
  2. What looks good to the eyes.
  3. What gives one a sense of pride. 

Problems with the world’s provision:

  1. It can’t deliver lasting fulfillment
  2. It creates an appetite for a lesser affection
  3. It drains you of Godly affection

Assessing my heart affection for the world

  1. Dominant daily motivational drives (What is it that consumes my heart and mind daily)?
  2. Things turned to for relief (Where do I tend to go, what is my release valve)?
  3. Where am I finding my deepest fulfillment (Where am I most satisfied)?
  4. Using God to get what the world offers (Now that I have Jesus, what else do I want)?
  5. Finding sin more enticing that Jesus (What do I find calling me)?