Advent is a unique season on the church calendar dedicated to the hopeful anticipation of the arrival of Jesus. We celebrate the longings fulfilled at the birth of Christ and the remaining anticipation for Jesus' return.

We live between "already" and "not yet." Jesus, the promised savior, has come, just as he promised, and yet we live in a world that is still broken. Weariness and waiting can weigh us down, but our hope in God lifts our spirits to rejoice in the one who came and will come again.

I encourage you to step away from the busyness and distractions of this season to join us in rejoicing in our Savior, Jesus Christ.


This 25-day devotional is a guide into the glorious reality of God Himself coming to us and our world. Many disciples and communities forget we are welcomed into a life of enjoying God, knowing His love, and experiencing His presence in our lives. You and your community were created to live the gospel in unity with God. To taste the grace of God through repentance and faith. To worship God through confession. To know the depth of God’s love by listening to His voice. We hope this guide helps you engage the themes of Advent while inspiring you towards worship, community, and mission.


We designed this devotional as a way to help you and your community think about the themes of Advent and Christmas. There is one devotional reading for each week of Advent, and one for Christmas Day. This resource can be used as a devotion for families or in gospel communities on mission. This resource coincides with the incarnation stories in The Jesus Story-Book Bible.

Free Children's Coloring Book

Learn the gospel through the Christmas narrative, embracing themes of holiness, sin, salvation, and faith. Daily detailed drawings for all ages to color with key verses, infographics, and more!