The Final Week

A Study in the Gospel of Mark

The Final Week

The Gospel of Mark is paced like an adrenaline fueled action film. The word "immediately" is used 41 times as one scene transitions to the next. Chapter 1-10 cover three and a half year but at the start of chapter 11, the action begins to move in slow-motion to highlight the intensity of the events. Chapter 11-16 cover just 7 days.

We will walk with Jesus through this final week as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. We will listen and watch with humbled heart, desiring inward transformation and renewal we desperately need.

Will you walk with us as we follow Jesus together?


We have several resources to accompany our current sermon series. Our time in God's Word on Sundays is an opportunity for continued personal and communal growth throughout the week. We pray that you will make use of these resources to continue you growth as a disciple of Jesus.

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Pick up you free Gospel of Mark Scripture Journal at the Connections Table on Sundays. This small notebook has the scripture on the left side and a blank page on the right right side for notes. We encourage you to use this for sermon notes and/or personal study notes. If you join us online, please use the button below to register to pick-up a Scripture journal and/or communion elements as you participate in our online services.

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Purchase Adreas J. Køstenberger's book, The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived.

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Purchase Tim Keller's book, Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God. This is an excellent resource through the Gospel of Mark.

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