A Study in the Gospel of Mark

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Who will you follow in the coming year? We are surrounded by voices with differing opinions on how we navigate the complexities of life. Some choose to listen to their own inner voice or the commentary of someone they respect. The author of life, Jesus, invites us to walk with him, to listen as he speaks, watch as he acts, and to mimic what we see him doing. Like a child imitating a parent, we are called to imitate Jesus as we walk with him along a path that leads to life and joy.

Throughout 2021 we will walk with Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of Mark. We will listen and watch with humbled heart, desiring inward transformation and renewal we desperately need. We will mimic what we see Jesus doing with faithful hands as we respond with obedience to Jesus commands.

Will you follow Jesus together with us this year?


We have several resources to accompany our current sermon series. Our time in God's Word on Sundays is an opportunity for continued personal and communal growth throughout the week. We pray that you will make use of these resources to continue you growth as a disciple of Jesus.

FREE Scripture Journal

Pick up you free Gospel of Mark Scripture Journal at the Connections Table on Sundays. This small notebook has the scripture on the left side and a blank page on the right right side for notes. We encourage you to use this for sermon notes and/or personal study notes. If you join us online, please use the button below to register to pick-up a Scripture journal and/or communion elements as you participate in our online services.

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Audio Bible App

Sign up for a FREE account with the DWELL Audio Bible App ($30 value). Use one of the two links below to listen 1) Listen to the Gospel of Mark or 2) 90-Day Plan to listen to all four gospel accounts simultaneously in chronological order.

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Gospel of Mark

Listen to the Gospel of Mark using the DWELL Bible App

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90-Day Gospel Harmony Plan

90-Day reading plan , journeying through the entirety of all four gospel simultaneously in chronological order.

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Purchase Tim Keller's book, Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God. This is an excellent resource through the Gospel of Mark.

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Dig Deeper into the Gospel of Mark

As part of The Gospel Coalition, here are several resources to help you dig deeper into the Gospel of Mark in your personal study.

Introduction to mark

Discover the basics of the Book of Mark

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Knowing the Bible: Mark

A 12-Week Practical Study Series on the Book of Mark with Dane C. Ortlund in partnership with Crossway.

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Mark in Greek

Study Mark using a verse-by-verse approach to the Greek text with Rob Plummer in partnership with Daily Dose of Greek.

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