Growing Together in Community

Two Kinds of Groups

We have two kinds of Groups at CrossPointe as we seek to grow together as disciples in community with one another. After Jesus would speak with large crowds he would interact more personally with his 12 disciples. Within the group of disciples, Jesus had an inner circle of 3. In the same way, we have two different kinds of groups that meet together outside of our large gathered worship services.

[1] Community Groups

Community Groups are gatherings of 10-15 people that meet during the week in homes throughout the community. These groups seek to apply the biblical text from Sunday's message as discipleship is about transformation, not just information. Community Groups focus on 3 values:
1) FAMILY - We seek to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ as we live life together.
2) DISCIPLESHIP - Discover God's truth, experience transformation, and walk in obedience as a community.
3) MISSION - Disciples serving together to make disciples.

[2] DNA Groups

These groups are made up of 3-4 men with men and women with women who meet together weekly for care and discipleship. New groups begin by goring through our 16-week discipleship journey called, 'Growing in Christ Together.' DNA stands for:


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will study the Bible and ask 4 Key Questions. The goal is to teach our HEAD.


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will respond in humility and surrender to God’s Word. The goal is to shepherd the HEART.


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will seek to walk in ongoing obedience in everyday life. The goal is to empower the HANDS.

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