Community Groups

Family, Discipleship, Mission

What Are Community Groups?

Community Groups play an important role in our discipleship environments at CrossPointe. Our central mission is to grow as followers of Jesus with one another and to help others become followers of Jesus themselves. This is what we mean by “becoming disciples who make disciples.”

Community Groups is one of three environments where we live out this calling together in unique ways.

Community Groups are made up of 10-15 people from different backgrounds who live in proximity to one another, choosing to do life together as followers of Jesus. While Community Groups typically meet together weekly as a routine, this is starting point community and not the end goal of goal.

We use three words to describe the purpose and vision of Community Groups: Family, Discipleship, and Mission.


We encourage all our community groups to start with a meal together. This could be as simple as spaghetti or a potluck. The focus is on the time together sitting around the dinner table catching up with one another as we share our lives with each other.


God’s Word is central in following Jesus together. One easy way to keep God’s Word central is by using the community group time to discuss and apply the passage preached on Sunday. Groups are provided with 2-3 questions and notes to help apply and live out what you learn on Sunday.


A Community Group should also explore how they can serve one another and others. If needs arise in the community then this environment is the perfect place for care to begin. This is also a great place to collaborate together to care for needs outside the group with neighbors or co-workers.

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