[9] The Sacrifice of Isaac
Steve McKenzie

Series: Story of God
Scripture: Genesis 22
Preacher: Steve McKenzie

Sermon Summary

In today’s sermon, we explored the profound narrative of Abraham’s faith as depicted in Genesis 22, where God commands him to sacrifice his son Isaac. This story is a pivotal moment in the biblical account, showcasing the depth of Abraham’s trust in God and the nature of faithful obedience.

We focused on Abraham’s story, particularly the promise of a son, Isaac, and the subsequent command to sacrifice him. We read Genesis 22:1-19, which recounts Abraham’s unwavering obedience to God’s test. Abraham’s immediate response to God’s call, “Here I am,” exemplifies a life of faithfulness and readiness to follow God’s will.

We emphasized the tension between faith and fear, belief and control, as seen in Abraham’s life. Despite God’s promises, Abraham and Sarah struggled with doubt and took matters into their own hands, leading to further complications. Yet, God remained faithful, and Isaac was born at the appointed time, demonstrating God’s perfect timing.

The sermon highlighted the significance of God’s testing, which teaches us to find hope and satisfaction in Him alone. Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac, his most valued possession, was a test of whether he would try to control the situation or trust God completely.

We drew parallels between the story of Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The location of Moriah, where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, is believed to be the same area where Jesus was crucified. This connection illustrates the concept of substitutionary atonement, with God providing a ram in Isaac’s place and ultimately providing His Son, Jesus, as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.