Advent Poem
Steve McKenzie


We walk in darkness
Blinded by our own sin
Falling in the  abyss
Of empty ambition

Thick with complex emotion
Our impossible condition

With darkened eyes
We’re unable to see
Together, our hearts cry
With a desperate plea

Who will save us?
There is no redemption.
Where is justice?
We’ve lost all sense of direction. 

Darkness, she’s now my friend
She’s all I’ve ever known
So I smile and continue to pretend
That darkness cannot be overthrown


But a light shines dimly on the horizon
Flickering gently,  whispers of Judah’s lion
Should I hope in God’s promises
A Savior, destined to  save us. 

But I’ve known promises
Spoken with great assurances.
I  believed them like a fool
But never again because life is cruel. 

But the light shines, growing brighter
The lights warmth, moves in closer
Ice-hardened hearts begin to soften
Maybe in this darkness, I’m not forgotten

Turmoil stirs deep within
But the light continues shining.
Maybe hope – it does exist
And darkness will not always persist. 


The sleepless nights pass slow
But this new light continues to grow
Yet Into the darkness I’ve withdrawn
As a peaceful light shines like some forgotten dawn. 

Mercy is sweet on my bitter tongue
Where darkness consumed, since I was young
Why should I trust the one I cannot see
Is God my friend or my enemy?

There is warmth in the light, drawing me near
Breaking into my heart that’s  filled with fear.
But Shadows lurk in the corners of my heart
Can this light make the darkness depart?

I see a path now beneath my feet
Should I take it or quickly retreat?
But curiosity grabs the best of me
Maybe one more step and we’ll see

The warm peaceful light fills the air
I can breathe now without despair.
Could peace really await on the other side
Or should I run and quickly hide. 

But a voice beckons me  near
As the darkness seeks to interfere
Condemnations that I don’t belong.
Peace, is such a fleeting song. 


Yet this light shines on the horizon
Illuminating my path like the stars of Orion.
I see it now, in the distance
A Manger, a child, God’s persistence.

This baby is more than a child
He is God, righteous, and undefiled.
But really, before a child will I now bow
This my pride will not allow. 

Then I see who this child would grow to be
The blind will see
The lame will walk
The mute will talk
Sinners forgiven
Away demons are driven

He is the  Good Shepherd
My joy is now unfettered.
This is my awaited Savior
Who forgives  every failure. 

And the darkness tries to lift
But doubts sweep in swift.
Why should I trust in God now
This the cold darkness will not allow


One day,
This child will grow to say
“I am the light of the World.”
The sweetest message ever heard

But words are cheap to speak
I do not trust those who seek
Fame and fortune at others expense
This is my defense. 

But day after day he gave of himself
Seeking neither fame, nor wealth.
With kindness,
And gentleness
He served
The undeserving. 

This child laying in the manger
Would soon be in grave danger
Hands, now small and tender
Would soon be pierced in surrender. 

Skin, soft and sweet
would be broken and beat
Hands and feet pierced
With a hatred fierce. 

The darkness of death the final blow
Light snuffed out, no longer aglow
Into the cold dark tomb his body lay
Darkness now on full display. 

In great sadness I hung my head
Hope is defeated, hearts full of dread
Death, the final all-consuming darkness
Is anything, but harmless. 


I stood at the manger beholding the cross
Hopeless, joyless, completely lost
Days passed as darkness fell deep
Our Savior is dead, not just asleep. 

And when darkness seemingly won
I saw a new light had begun
Breaking free of the darkness of death
Jesus stood alive with new breath

The darkness is powerless
Fleeing in cowardice
The light has won
Death is undone

Jesus is victorious
The Son of God – Glorious. 

I bow my knee at the manger
Pride broken, I humbly receive
This gift intended for me
I am God’s child, no longer a stranger.

Jesus’ death purchased my freedom
And Into his light I now come
The darkness has lifted
Just as God had predicted

To a world still in darkness I return
Carrying a light unearned
This light belongs to Christ
Because he paid the great price
With his life I’m made new
All God’s promises are true.