Money is Meaningless without Jesus
AD Daisley   -  
Money is Meaningless without Jesus


Main Ideas

1) Without God, life is incoherent, disappointing and meaningless.
2) We are not in control.


In the passage, we see the author wrestling with several harsh realities including:

1) Corruption in politics leading to the oppression of the poor (5:8-9).
2) Inability to find fulfillment in wealth and riches (5:10-12).
3) The inability for riches to bring security (5:13-17).
4) Inability to enjoy one’s blessings due to “untimely” death (6:1-2).
5) Living a long but un-enjoyable life, so much so that family doesn’t remember (6:3-6).
6) The insatiability of one’s appetite (6:7, 9).
7) Inability to see the practical significant advantage of wisdom (6:8).
8) Wrestle and difficulty with accepting the inevitability of life (6:10-12).

We also see in the midst of these harsh realities, several gifts that God provides (5:18-20).
1) Joy in a meal.
2) Joy in one’s work.
3) Accepting one’s position in life.


Questions for Reflection

1) Do any of those “harsh realities” resonate with you? What do these harsh realities stir in your heart? Explain.
2) Looking at the gifts God provides, explain how you have been able to experience one. (Feel free to include any that may not necessarily be under one of the categories).
3) What hinders you from enjoying those gifts?
4) What hope does Jesus provide? Feel free to use your own scripture references, or use the following as a starter (Mt. 11:28, Jn 16:33, Lk 10:27)



Take time as a group to collectively celebrate how God is able to meet us even in the midst of life’s harsh realities