Jesus | Our King & Priest
Steve McKenzie

Series: Jesus in the Psalms
Scripture: Psalm 110
Preacher: Steve McKenzie (Lead Pastor)

Sermon in a Sentence: Jesus is the better and perfect King and Priest sent by God to us.

Key Points:

  1. Jesus as Messiah and God:
    • Psalm 110:1: Demonstrates Jesus’ dual identity as both David’s descendant and divine Lord.
    • Jesus’ Interpretation: In Matthew 22, Jesus clarifies His messianic and divine nature.
    • Apostolic Preaching: Acts 2 emphasizes Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, affirming His messianic role.
  2. Jesus as King:
    • Defeat of Enemies: Jesus’ ultimate victory over death, sin, and all powers.
    • Kingdom Expansion: Jesus’ rule continues to grow globally despite opposition.
    • Gathering a Great Army: His followers, depicted as a willing and holy army, advance His Kingdom.
  3. Jesus as High Priest:
    • Eternal Priesthood: Jesus’ priesthood is eternal, superior to the Levitical priesthood.
    • Divine Judgement and Authority: Jesus executes God’s justice and reigns with authority.
    • Refreshment and Triumph: Jesus is sustained and exalted, symbolizing victory and renewal.


  • Trust in God’s Sovereignty: Rest in the assurance of Jesus’ victory and control over circumstances.
  • Engage in His Mission: Commit to extending His Kingdom through prayer, service, and sharing the gospel.
  • Draw Near to God: Utilize the access we have to God through Jesus for renewal, strength, and guidance.