The Beatitudes
Matthew 5:1-12


The Kingdom of God

  • First Kingdom (Genesis 1) – Failed Obedience
  • Nation of Israel  – Failed Obedience
  • Promised Kingdom (Isaiah 52:7-10)
  • Central message of Jesus’ teaching (Matthew 4)

The People of God

  • “Blessed” – means more than just happy but flourishing through God’s approval.
  • Understanding the 8 Beatitudes in context and as a whole

The Call to the King

  • Misunderstanding of God’s Kingdom and the Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus is the King
    • “Follow Me, “On my account”, not all who say to be Lord, Lord,”
    • He provides a way where we failed and he empowers us to follow him.



  1. Transformed Thinking: Memorize and meditate on Matthew 5:3-10
  2. Transformed Affections: 60 Seconds of Silence and Solitude
  3. Transformed Lives: Intentional awareness of and dependence on God’s presence and power in your everyday life.

Resource: Phone Background to help you memorize the order of the Beatitudes