The Promised Home
ISAIAH 35:1-10 
The Promised Home


Big Idea

God breaks through the mundane complacency in our lives to the:


  1. Good News | God’s Perfect Creation
    1. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”
    2. Perfect relationships between 1) God and Mankind, 2) Mankind and itself, and 3) Mankind and Creation
  2. Bad News | Man’s Rebellion Brings Death
    1. Genesis 3
    2. Relations are broken and sin becomes our default setting (Romans 5:12)


This default setting of Sin becomes our starting point in life. We have only two paths in front of us:

  1. Our Way Leads to Destruction (Isaiah 34)
    1. Romans 6:23 “The wages of sin is death”
    2. Isaiah 34 | Four Descriptions of God’s Wrath
      1. God is Enraged
      2. God Has A Sword
      3. God Has a Sacrifice
      4. The Lord Has a Day
  2.  Good News | God Provides a Path of Mercy (Isaiah 35)
    1. Isaiah 35:1-2 God starts his renewing work in the desert of our broken lives
    2. Isaiah 35:3-4 Encourage one another toward God’s provision (but where do we look?)
    3. Isaiah 35:5-6a Jesus is God’s Provision (see Isaiah 61 & Luke 4:17)
    4. Isaiah 6b-9 God Renews What We’ve Broken
    5. Isaiah 6:10 Overtaken by Joy



  • Which path are you on this morning?
    • If following your own path – trust and follow Jesus. He has provided a path to mercy through Jesus.
    • If you are following Jesus – be encouraged, encourage others, and sing with joy of God’s salvation


Community Group Questions:

  1. How does the image of a desert being transformed speak both about our spiritual transformation in Christ and the physical transformation of the universe coming in the new heaven and new earth?
  2. How are Christ’s miracles signs, like signposts on a highway, pointing to the final destination?
  3. How do verses 3-4 give us a clear pattern for the encouragement of discouraged and weak Christians— whether discouraged at some medical struggle or at some spiritual issue (like sin)?
  4. How do verses 5-6 speak directly about the wonder-working power of Jesus Christ?
  5. What does Isaiah 35: 10 teach you about the joys of heavenly life?
  6. How can we use this chapter to strengthen our hope in heaven and build up others who are struggling with discouragement in the Christian life?
  7. How does this chapter predict the physical side of redemption (the resurrection body and the new heaven and new earth)?