The Unstoppable Gospel
Acts 28
The Unstoppable Gospel

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Series Big Idea: The gospel will be proclaimed among all peoples through witnesses empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom of God
  • Acts 1:3 (Jesus proclaims the Kingdom of God), Acts 28:31 (Paul proclaims the Kingdom of God and Jesus)
Powerful Proclamation
  • The gospel continues to go forward in spite of unimaginable odds


End of the Beginning
  • The book of Acts is finished, but the mission Jesus assigned the church was just beginning.
  • God has established his kingdom (spiritually) “It is finished!” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit (John 19:30)
  • God will establish his rule permanently (physically) “It is done!” I am the alphas and the omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty, I will give the spring of water of life without payment.” (Rev. 21:6)
  1. The Empowered Disciple 
    1. Definition of a Disciple – someone who worship Jesus through ongoing surrender and obedience to God in everyday life, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    2. A disciple of Jesus must surrender control in order to follow Jesus. This creates tension in our values and convictions.
  2. The Cost of Commitment
    1. “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” – Jesus in Matthew 16
  1. Begin by reading all of Acts 28.
  2. What are your biggest takeaways from our study through the book of Acts?
  3. What aspects of God’s character and nature has this book helped you better understand?
  4. What has the book of Acts helped you understand about yourself? Encourage or conviction.
  5. What is one thing you feel convicted to believe or do differently in light of Acts?