The End of Religion


January 31, 2021

Mark 2:18 – 3:6

FASTING – Celebrating the Bridegroom
  • Mark 2:18 – 22
  • The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is the only time that fasting is commanded in the Old Testament (Leviticus 16:29-32). This was a day of fasting, somber repentance, and sacrifice.
  • Jesus responds to the people’s question referencing a wedding celebration, most likely referring to the Messianic Prophecy in Isaiah 25:6-9.
  • The 2 illustration are showing the Jesus is not just patching up the old religious system but he is doing something completely new.
SABBATH – Lord of the Sabbath
  • Mark 2:23-28
  • Sabbath means rest is two different ways – a physical and mental time off from labor and satisfaction and rest in the completed completed work.
  • ┬áReligious leaders turned the sabbath into another means of work to prove ones worth before God.
  • When Jesus said he was “Lord of the Sabbath” he was saying that he alone is our true rest, our true satisfaction.

HUMBLE HEARTS – End of Religion

  • Mark 3:1-6
  • 2 Choices
    • Accept Jesus: Called by Jesus and given undeserved mercy, which we respond to with faith
    • Reject Jesus: Walked away and seek to justify ourselves

FAITHFUL HANDS – Lifted in Praise

  • Revelation 7:9-12

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