Unusual Interactions


April 11, 2021

Mark 7:24-36

  • Mark 7:24-30, Matthew 15:21-28
  • Jesus is silent and then seemingly rude to this Gentile woman who comes to him for help.
  • She does not respond with pride but rather with persistent faith.
  • Application #1 | How do you respond to God when he doesn’t do what you want?
    • Pride can lead us to self-grandeur that presumes upon God or pride can lead us to self-condemnation that reduces faith to wishful thinking.
    • A true persistent and humble faith says, “Yes Lord, I am who you say I am because you are who you say you are.”
  • Application #2 | By what criteria do you make judgement about another person?
    • Religious leaders looked to tradition. Disciples looked to ethnicity and gender. Jesus looks at the heart.
  • Mark 7:31-36
  • Though seemingly strange, Jesus’ interactions with the deaf and mute man are compassionate to the man’s need.
  • Application #3 | Do you despise or celebrate the unique way God works in your life?
    • God is the same always (Hebrews. 13:8)
    • God works uniquely in all our lives.
  • Application #4 | Do you speak with compassion and understanding?
    • Jesus entered the deaf man’s immediate presence to communicate with him in a way that he could understand.


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