Discipleship: An Ongoing Hunger For His Presence
AD Daisley

May 2, 2021

Mark 9:2-29

  • POINT #1: When in the presence of Jesus you are in the presence of the fullness of God (Mark 9:7)
  • POINT #2: When we truly gaze upon Jesus our hearts become captivated in his presence (Mark 9:8)
  • POINT #3: ┬áThe presence of Jesus gives us clarity, but in his time (Mark 9:12-13)
  • POINT #4: Our prayers change the more desperate our hearts become in the presence of Jesus (Mark 9:22)
  • POINT #5: The relational dynamic that exists when we are alone in the presence of Jesus always reflects itself publicly (Mark 9:29).
  • REFLECTION: Pay attention to how your heart relates to God when you pray
  • APPLICATION: What are the dominant drives that shape your patterns of prayer?
  • APPLICATION: To what degree is the sheer joy of being in his presence motivation enough?

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