Jesus | High Priest Like No Other
AD Daisley

October 31, 2021

This section of scripture has two storylines running concurrently that intersect in the person of Jesus. First we have the religious leaders who are seeking testimony in order to validate a death sentence against Jesus. While the leaders are questioning Jesus and witnesses for evidence, Peter stands at a distance observing all of the events unfolding.

So why do we need this High Priest? Here are 8 reasons. We need this High Priest because: 

  1. The order of this world is broken
  2. Despite the best of our intentions, we are weak
  3. Broken humanity is willing to sacrifice truth for a desired outcome
  4. Broken humanity has the tendency to misinterpret God’s word
  5. Hearts that are resistant to God have difficulty hearing His voice
  6. Those resistant to truth are fully persuaded that God’s truth is error
  7. Broken humanity is prone to misjudgment
  8. To deal with the weight of our personal failure and self-condemnation