One Another Groups

Discipleship Journey

What Are One Another Groups?

One Another Groups play an important role in our discipleship environments at CrossPointe. Our central mission is to grow as followers of Jesus with one another and to help others become followers of Jesus themselves. This is what we mean by “becoming disciples who make disciples.”

One Another Groups is one of three environments where we live out this calling together in unique ways.

Oner Another Groups are made up of 3-5 men with men and women with women who commit to walk with one another in deep discipleship for one year using the ‘Seeing Jesus Together’ journal. This process is composed of 2 key themes: Seeing Jesus in Solitude and Seeing Jesus Together.

Seeing Jesus in Solitude
Seeing Jesus in Solitude

Here we encourage you to find a private place to spend 25-40 minutes of your day in solitude with Jesus. The SJT Journal will help guide this time in how to:

  • Connect with your heart
  • Surrender through prayer
  • Listen to the Scriptures
  • Meditate on the Scriptures
  • Pray
  • Discern next steps
  • Share with you group daily via text
Seeing Jesus Together
Seeing Jesus Together

You will gather weekly with the same 3-5 individuals in a location that will support authenticity. The SJT Journal will help guide your time in:

  • Connect with One Another
  • Listen to the Scriptures Together
  • Love One Another
  • Discern next steps together