Jesus | Our King of Love & Beauty
Steve McKenzie

Series: Jesus in the Psalms
Scripture: Psalm 110
Preacher: Steve McKenzie (Lead Pastor)

Sermon in a Sentence: Psalm 45 leads hearts that feel distant from God toward delight in God.

Summary of “Jesus – Our King of Love & Beauty”:

1. A Song for the Groom (Psalm 45:1-9)

• Noble Theme: Meditating on Jesus’ character can move our hearts from feeling distant to delighting in God.

Inner Beauty: Jesus’ handsomeness emphasizes His inner beauty, dignity, character, and the grace that flows from His lips (Hebrews 1:3).

• Mighty Warrior: Jesus radiates majesty and splendor, standing triumphant for truth, humility, justice, righteousness, and joy.

• Eternal Reign: In a world of chaos, Jesus’ eternal and righteous reign provides stability, hope, and joy.

2. A Song for the Bride (Psalm 45:10-12)

• Wedding Advice:

• Don’t Look Back: Let go of the past and commit fully to Jesus.

• Honor Your Husband: The King desires your beauty; honor Him as your Lord.

• Look Ahead with Hope: Expect blessings and favor.

3. A Song for the Church

• Messianic Fulfillment: Psalm 45 is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus, the ultimate King (Hebrews 1:8-9).

• Jesus as King: Jesus moves our hearts, displaying handsome character, commanding presence, stability, righteousness, and joy.

• The Church as the Bride: The Church, rescued and redeemed by Jesus, prepares for His return, clothed in His righteousness.


• Fix Your Eyes on Jesus: Reflect on who Jesus is and what He has done.

• Re-Commit Fully to Jesus: Listen, pay attention, and consider how you can deepen your commitment to Jesus.