The Gospel & The Church
Acts 11:19-30
The Gospel & The Church

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Series Big Idea: The gospel will be proclaimed among all peoples through witnesses empowered by the Holy Spirit.

THE HAND OF GOD  | In Evangelism
  • God uses everyday, average disciples to fulfill his purposes
  • Understanding God’s role and responsibility in salvation and why this is so important.
  • Priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5) – personally: direct access to God with Jesus as our mediator, not man, and publically: the shared responsibility and privilege to share in the proclamation of the the gospel.
THE GRACE OF GOD | In Transformation
  • Who is Barnabas (Acts 4:36)
  • Antioch – 3rd largest city in the world. Melting pot for numerous cultures with a broad reputation for depravity because of their temple to Daphne with their ritual prostitutes.
  • God redeems cultures and reputations for his glory.
  • Barnabas and Saul – it may have been as much as 5 years between Paul being sent back to Tarsus (Acts 9) and Barnabas inviting him to Antioch.
  • Antioch and Judea – the believers in Antioch heard of a need that would impact everyone, including themselves, and acted on how they could help others.
  1. Can you share a time when God used you to share the gospel with someone else? Do you find easy or challenging to talk with others about Jesus? Why?
  2. How does understanding God’s role and our role help or encourage you? Have you personally experienced this before?
    1. We we take on ourselves God’s role of convicting and converting people it leads to Pride (I’m right and you’re wrong), Anger (why don’t you listen), Shame (I’m not good at sharing the gospel), and Fear (I’m going to mess it up).
    2. When we see that God convicts and causes belief when we share the gospel it leads to: Humility (I’m saved by grace, and this same grace is available to you), Prayer (God, open their eyes to see the beauty of Jesus in the gospel), Hope & Joy (I am free to share and mess up because the power of the Gospel is in God’s hands, not my ability).
  3. How have you seen or experienced the work of redemption as God restores us, our family, and or a people from their story of depravity to a story of redemption?
  4. We see Barnabas inviting Saul into the work of the ministry and Antioch reaching out to other churches. How might God be inviting us as a community group to share in ministry together and/or toward others?