Ecclesiastes 11:1-8
Our Mysterious God


3 Things We Don’t Know

1 | How to Predict the Future (v 1-2)

2 | How to Do What Only God Can Do (v 5)

3 | How to Guarantee Success & Avoid Failure (v 6)

3 Things We Do Know

1 | To Hold Loose to Life & Possessions (v 1-2)

  • “One of the greatest mistakes we can ever make is to think about our life, our wealth, or our possessions as if we can predict the future. You can’t… so be rich toward God now, while you can. What’s the point of your wealth if disaster next week might take it from you?” David Gibson

2 | That Neither Failure Nor Success is Ultimate (v 6)

3 | Life Apart From God is Meaningless



  • From what perspective do you look at life? From youthfulness as if you were in control or as if each day were a gift that is full of mystery?
  • Are you crushed by failures? Are you over confident based on past successes? Why does you heart fear one and strive for the other rather than resting in Jesus?
  • In response to the unknown, do you live with a hoarding mentality or a generosity toward God and others?